Work Procedures

The following is a break down of our typical repair procedures for most collision repair services.

1. Estimate Is Prepared - First, the damaged area(s) of the vehicle are disassembled and inspected. We go through and document all the damage areas concerning your vehicle and then go over the details with you such as items needing attention, estimated time of completion, parts required and overall cost. Estimates may need be altered and Supplement Report may need to be written & approved. if additional damage is discovered during the repair process.

2. Work Preparations - During this stage, negotiations with insurance company takes place, required parts are ordered and the vehicle's initial repair preparations are performed.

3. Body Work Performed - During this stage, we provide our professional auto body services to repair any damaged areas that have been agreed upon in the estimate. Auto body services can include such things as dent removal, structural frame & body damage repairs, scratch removal, sanding of parts, body filling, fiber glassing, trim work and other related auto body repair services. This stage also includes installation of any new parts that may have been ordered.

4. Final Coat Application & Cleaning - During this stage, we perform various tasks in the refinishing processes such as applying primer,prepping for paint, and refinishing the vehicle.  The vehicle is sprayed in a heated down draft paint booth to cure.

5. Detail Work - This stage consists of reassembly, detailing and final inspections. Work tasks can include such things as apply any decals, pin stripping, molding or other detail pieces that need to be applied to your vehicle. Reassembly of parts such as side mirrors, windows in doors, lights e.t.c.

6. Customer Is Notified Of Completed Vehicle - Once we have completed your vehicle, we will road test it and make sure everything that we provided services for is working properly. You will then be notified by phone that your vehicle is ready for pick up.